Chosen member of the Andy Grammer tour crew for his stop at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY August 12, 2015.

My duties included:

-Promote Andy Grammer's tour stop on social media for when he comes to Louisville on Aug. 12 
-Create visually pleasing graphics to catch the attention of followers
-Put up posters in local businesses 3X  a week with information on where to buy tickets and VIP packages 
-Work with radio stations to get Andy Grammer's single "Honey I'm Good" played more frequently
-Contact people through social media and spread news about Andy Grammer music and the Louisville stop
-Set up/tear down merchandise
-Sell merchandise at the venue
-Enhance Andy Grammer's mailing list at the venue
-Escort VIP concert goers to their meet and greet with Andy Grammer
-Fan interaction and integration of Street Team social networks at the venue

**Click the links under the pictures for original social media posts**


Graphic for social media awareness Week #1

Graphic for Week #2

Graphic for Week #3

Graphic for Week #4

Graphic for Week #5

Graphic for Week #6

Example of interaction with local radio stations

Poster put up in local businesses

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